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Two can play this game

 Fic George X Michell Summary - George gets very horny the week before the full moon. Mitchell loves nothing more than to tease George .  but both supernatural  might end up getting more than they bargained for when George decides to play a few games of his own. note- Both George and Mitchell are straight at the start of this Fic but their will be slash and fluff as their little game gets out of hand. Annie is currently out doing stuff with a ghost friend but will cameo if any you guys want her too.George gulped as Mitchell hand reached slowly over his crotch.

 lingering over it for a few seconds Mitchell hand quickly  grabbed the remote resting on his werewolf buddy's stomach. George just stared his annoyance clearer than his perfectly polished glasses. " You just love this don't you" moaned George. Mitchell just smiled it was a illusion of course. The smile hid a devious cunning that no human could possess never mind hide so easily.

"love what? " Mitchell quickly jumped up and lifted his legs stretching them over George. applying pressure the semi George nursed within jeans. " if you ask me your the one loving this" he grinned teasingly. George let out a sound that less than a groan but more than a sigh.

" It's not fair ...how would you like it  if I ...fetched loads of bloody clothes in here or if I" Michel's  chuckle interrupted Georges rant " Your comparing your  hard-wood to my blood-lust...you smut be a very endowed werewolf George" George blushed
and stuttered in  a pitch very few men could reach without meticulous training.

Michel leaned in close to George and looked him in the eyes seductively. making sure his legs brushed painfully over Georges aching hard-on." Maybe what you want ...is a helping hand ". Georges blush was now so prominent one could easily mistake it fresh sunburn. " Mitchell what ,yikes!" George jumped as he felt something brush his erection through its denim prison.

Of course it was the remote wrapped in Mitchell's naughty hands.   Mitchell now in hysterics jumped off the couch like what George thought was much like a cat hunting.George didn't the similarity  as he wasn't fond of Mitchell at the current moment in time." oh your just too easy George. maybe we should get you fixed",

George ground his teeth annoyance fuelling him like a demon on virgin blood. " Fuck you Mitchell you ..you.... let me make myself clear ..." wailed George . " Just piss off". George realising  his jeans left little to the imagination of his ever hardening  bulge. George swiped a pillow to cover his embarrassment.

Mitchell froze a look of glee on his face. " sorry George but ...your just so funny when  your pissed. I'll leave you to sort out..problem". Mitchell barely managed to say anything between his childish sniggering. he quickly rushed to the DVD draw and threw a disc  towards George despite his best effort managed to see the cover. " pussy palace".

To his annoyance his dick twitched as he saw the bimbos on the cover. he snarled as Mitchell's laughter faded up the stairs.  George decided two could play at this game.  Something Mitchell forgot was it wasn't just Georges sex drive that was out of control during the full moon , so was his charm.
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